References Dossier

Remember, the goal of the job search process is to shine among the other candidates and successfully land the job of your dreams. Many of those other candidates will have a resume and cover letter. They will also have a references page, and all of their documents will likely have the same layout and content. This is not the case for our clients. We strive to set you apart from the competition from the very beginning and create documents that are, in fact, distinguishable from one another. One such way of doing this is to develop a document that will highlight your ideal references in a way that does more than merely list their basic info. We take each reference and gather a full range of knowledge for each one. This process allows us to gain an understanding of the depth of each connection and the level to which each individual can speak for your knowledge and abilities. When this references dossier stands beside a typical list of references, it is clear which one will draw greater attention.